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Through my fine art images, I investigate the overlooked and abandoned details of the world around me, searching my surroundings with an inquisitive approach, appreciating the potential in even the smallest details. I am drawn to the vague histories embedded in the structures, places and objects that have been left in the care of people, time and the elements. Blurring the layers and perception of time, they are the visual sum of disparate personal experiences. The resultant images serving as mysterious fragments of timeless memories removed from context and presented as drifting components of a collectively personal story.

Creating this work is an active attempt at remembering or even constructing these memories through the visual fragments of those places, objects and conditions. It is through these images that I attempt to create a window into these possible pasts and anonymous personal stories. Without concern for the facts surrounding what actually was, I seek the essence and intrigue of what may have been and the personal emotional links that we as individuals can form with these images as vague and fractured reminders of our own pasts.

In contrast, my travel images focus on specific environments, cultures and individuals as they exist in the all too temporary present. Through these images, my driving sense of wonder and curiosity about the greater world and its people, environments, cultures and vast array of realities presents itself. The camera helps me to see and connect with the world and communicate with its people both verbally and visually. I attempt to convey the essence of my experiences with people, places and objects through compositions of both vast scope and close examination of detail. The frames explore and study singular identities, physical or sensory atmospheres, the essence of a lifetime’s experiences, an environment’s conditions or a culture’s defining characteristics. In doing so, my innate wanderlust and thirst for genuine visceral experience with nature and people across cultures and the world find a meaningful outlet.